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Weymouth Bound

Available from Amazon as an eBook and paperback 

The merchant ship Cicely is captured in the English Channel by the brilliant and ruthless Captain Morlaix. Apprentice Jack Stone's life is changed forever.


Can he survive? Can anyone stop Morlaix and the French striking a damaging blow to the heart of the British Establishment?  

Paul Weston's first novel, originally published by Roving Press. Available now as an eBook and paperback from Amazon

"When I next looked the other ship was so close that I could make out her shape, a rakish cutter of fifty tons or so, built for speed and heavily canvassed. She was heeled over, and I could see the foaming bow wave and her sails straining at the sheets.  The lights in the rigging were extinguished as I watched, and on her deck I could make out indistinct figures moving around. From that moment things happened very quickly. I heard a shouted order and the crash and thunder of the cutter’s sails, and saw her gybe and surge up alongside us, heeling wildly. It was an amazing display of seamanship, but not one I could appreciate, for with sudden insight I realised the full horror of what was happening. We were about to be boarded."

- Extract from "Weymouth Bound"

The first Jack Stone novel

"... a rip-roaring adventure of the sea set in Napoleonic times – a can’t-put-down yarn by an inspired storyteller whose work is in so many ways a natural successor to Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island and J. Meade Falkner’s Moonfleet … Paul Weston has written a cracking good book which offers such a brilliant read I have already bought copies for sending to family members in Australia and France."

- Trevor Vacher Deane, Editor of The Society of Dorset Men Yearbook

"The book's hardly started, and we've escaped with our smuggled brandy off Portland by outsailing the revenue cutter and hiding among the rocks in Brandy Bay by Ringstead… The pace doesn't slacken through the remaining 270 or so pages ~ yes, it's quite a short book, but it packs in the content and the drama."


- Chesil Beach Magazine

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