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Paul Weston's two novels, Weymouth Bound and Not by Sea, are set during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars between Britain and France.

The novels have interesting, original and lively plots, informed by Paul Weston's deep knowledge of ships and the sea. 

Both books are available from Amazon in eBook and paperback format 

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"... a rip-roaring adventure of the sea set in Napoleonic times – a can’t-put-down yarn by an inspired storyteller whose work is in so many ways a natural successor to Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island and J. Meade Falkner’s Moonfleet … Paul Weston has written a cracking good book which offers such a brilliant read I have already bought copies for sending to family members in Australia and France."

- Trevor Vacher Deane, Editor of The Society of Dorset Men Yearbook on Weymouth Bound

"The book's hardly started, and we've escaped with our smuggled brandy off Portland by outsailing the revenue cutter and hiding among the rocks in Brandy Bay by Ringstead… The pace doesn't slacken through the remaining 270 or so pages ~ yes, it's quite a short book, but it packs in the content and the drama."


- Chesil Beach Magazine on Weymouth Bound

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Paul Weston's short story, Venus Express, is a contemporary hard science account of the apparent discovery of artefacts on Venus' hostile surface.

Venus Express combines Paul Weston's imaginative and lively storytelling with his experience in satellite communications and engineering. 

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